Used Spare Parts 1-2 days EU shipping 6 month warranty

We sell used and refurbished spare parts for heat pumps and air conditioners from all the major manufacturers of heat pump and air conditioners. 

All our used spare parts are original from the beginning and have went through our testing and refurbishing process. Of course parts can break or we can make misstakes, that is the reason why all our used spare parts comes with a 6 month money back warranty. If a part is broken or breaks just contact us and we will send you shipping instructions and pay the costs for the return. As soon as we have validated to faulty part we will refund your money including the shipping cost. 

We do only supply used spare parts that are no longer available from the original manufacture as a spare part, is it available there you will find it in our sister site

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us at