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About Us

Js Energi Eco is a part of the JS Energi Group based in Sweden. We have sold spare parts to heat pumps in 3 years and helped over 19000 heat pump and air conditioner owners getting their unit working again by supplying the right spare part. 

Over the years we have found out that there are a lot of heat pump and Air Conditioners out there, that has to be replaced, not because the refrigerant circuit or any major part broke, but because there isn't any plastic detaljs, dust filters, circuit board or remote controls available any more. 

In May 2018 one of our employees came up with a suggestion that we can start sell used parts in those cases where the manufacturers has stopped supplying parts for the heat pump or air conditioner model, often plastic details like a vane, remote control or a cable. 

We only sell used parts for heat pumps and air conditioners when it is not possible any more to get hold of new original parts. In any cases where it is possible from the manufacturer to get hold of the original part we always supplies those from our sister site

If you need any support for this site, don't hesitate to contact us by mail to or by chat on the lower right corner. Unfortunately we do not have the resources to supply support by phone regarding used parts. 

For the JS Energi Group it is important to help make the earth a better place, and one of the things we want to help make a difference in, is that we threw away a lot of working products everyday, and the main goal with JS Energi Eco is to help make a difference in the small ways as we as company can do.