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Climate Control Confidence: Replacement Remote for Daikin Heat Pump (ARC433B70)

365 SEK

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Manufacturer SKU: DA1758744

Is your Daikin heat pump feeling a little out of control? Lost that remote and the temperature's just not cooperating? Regain control of your comfort with this replacement remote for Daikin heat pump models using the ARC433B70 remote.

This pre-loved remote has been given a second chance by our team. We've meticulously refurbished it and thoroughly tested all functions, ensuring it's in top working order. Simply pop in some batteries and take command of your climate once again!

Why You'll Love This Remote:

  • Guaranteed Compatibility: Designed specifically for Daikin heat pumps using the ARC433B70 remote, so you know it'll work flawlessly.
  • Refreshed & Reliable: We've meticulously refurbished and tested this remote, ensuring all buttons are responsive and ready for use.
  • Fast Fix, Big Comfort: No need to wait for a brand new replacement. Get your heat pump back up and running quickly and affordably.
  • Sustainable Choice: Give a pre-loved remote a new home and reduce e-waste.

Additional Information:

  • Daikin part number: DA1758744
  • Compatible models: FTXS50GVMA, FTKS50GVMA, FTXS60GVMA, FTKS60GVMA, FTXS71GVMA, FTKS71GVMA (These are just a few examples, there might be more compatible models)

Don't let a missing remote disrupt your comfort. Order this replacement remote for your Daikin heat pump today!

Why Choose Refurbished?

Refurbished parts offer a budget-friendly alternative to new parts while still delivering reliable performance.  They undergo a rigorous testing and reconditioning process to ensure they meet original specifications.