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IVT DSGY-C542JBKZ Control Board Unit (Refurbished) - AY-XP12JHR-N Compatible

899 SEK

Quantity in stock:
Manufacturer SKU: 1-2 DSGY-C542JBKZ

This listing offers a refurbished and tested IVT DSGY-C542JBKZ control board unit, specifically designed for the IVT AY-XP12JHR-N model. This genuine IVT part has undergone a thorough refurbishment process to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Refurbished and Tested: Provides renewed functionality and dependable performance.
  • Genuine IVT Part: Guarantees perfect compatibility with your IVT AY-XP12JHR-N system.
  • Direct Replacement: Ensures a seamless installation process.

Please Note:

  • This listing is for the control board unit only. Additional parts may be required for complete repair.
  • Verify compatibility with your specific IVT model before purchase.

By choosing this refurbished control board unit, you benefit from a cost-effective solution while ensuring your IVT AY-XP12JHR-N system functions optimally.