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Reactor for 021B. Inverter ID826S 1-phase

1 500 SEK

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Manufacturer SKU: 8733703202-1

Optimize the performance of your unit with this reactor for Inverter ID826S with part number 8733703202.

This reactor enhances the function of your inverter by:

  • Improving Power Factor: Compensates for reactive power and optimizes power consumption, potentially lowering your energy costs.
  • Reducing Harmonic Currents: Suppresses unwanted frequencies in the current, protecting your inverter and other connected equipment.
  • Boosting Reliability: Minimizes the risk of overheating in the inverter and cables, contributing to a longer lifespan for your system components.


  • Designed specifically for 021B. Inverter ID826S (Single-Phase)
  • Always refer to your inverter manual for compatibility information.
  • Compatible with these following heat pumps:  Bosch Compress 6000 AW-5
     Bosch Compress 6000 AW-7
     Bosch Compress 6000 AW-9
     IVT AirX 50
     IVT AirX 70
     IVT AirX 90

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