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Circulation pump Grundfos UPM3 Flex AS 15-70, 130 mm

Unfortunately this product is out of stock. 

Manufacturer SKU: 624471

The product is used but is in good condition. We've personally refurbished and tested the product.

This pump replaces the Grundfos UPS 15-60 pumps from Grundfos as standard available in Nibe heat pumps. The difference is that you cannot manually set the speed, instead it has PWM and if you have a pump that does not have intelligent control, the pump will run on max. 

This is the pump that Nibe has developed as a replacement for the 15-60 pump. It is no longer possible to get hold of 15-60 pumps due to energy saving demands from the EU.

If you have an equipment that requires you to change the speed, the 15-60 pump can be replaced with an Alpha 2 pump from Grundfos with article number: 5731803.

This article is meant to be used for heat pumps from Nibe manufactured from 2009 - until further notice. If your Nibe pump is older than 2009 you should have the circulation pump with article number: 624455.