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Nibe Inverter NI 1AA 7.5kW Refurbished Replacement Part (718328)

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Manufacturer SKU: 718328

This is a refurbished and tested original Nibe Inverter NI 1AA 7.5kW replacement part (part number 718328) compatible with the Nibe F2120-16 3X400V heat pump system. It has been professionally reconditioned to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Original Nibe Part: Guarantees perfect fit and function with your Nibe system.
  • Refurbished and Tested: Provides dependable performance.
  • Compatible with: Nibe F1155-16 065063
     Nibe F1255-16 Cu 065059
     NIBE F1355-28 065436
     NIBE F2120-16 3X400V 064139
     NIBE F2120-20 3X400V 064141
     S1155-16 3X400 065443
     S1255-16 CU EM 065460
     S1255-16 E EM 065462
     S1255-16 R EM 065464

Please Note:

  • This listing is for the Inverter NI 1AA 7.5kW replacement part only. Additional parts may be required for complete repair.
  • Verify compatibility with your specific Nibe model before purchase.
  • This product is available in new condition and for purchase at our main shop. You can also view it online here:

Why Choose Refurbished?

Refurbished parts offer a budget-friendly alternative to new parts while still delivering reliable performance.  They undergo a rigorous testing and reconditioning process to ensure they meet original specifications.