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Pcbasw base card for Nibe (818259)

1 500 SEK

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Manufacturer SKU: 818259

Pcbasw base card for Nibe heat pumps.

Product in new condition can be found at our main shop at: PCBASW BASE CARD

Manufacturer SKU: 818259

The product is used but is in good condition. We’ve personally refurbished and tested the product.

Compatible with:

Nibe F1126-11/12, Se 065205
Nibe F1126-6, Se 065202
Nibe F1126-8, Se 065203
Nibe F1226-11/12cu, Se 065225
Nibe F1226-12 065233
Nibe F1226-5 Cu 065221
NIBE F730 CU 3X400V 066155
NIBE F730 E EM 3X400 066157
NIBE F730 R 1X230 066158
NIBE F730 R 1X230V 066156
NIBE F730 R 1X230V UK 066181
NIBE F750 CU 3X400V 066150
NIBE F750 E EM 3X400 066152
NIBE F750 R EM 3X230 NO 066153
NIBE F750 R EM 3X400 066154
VVM 225 CU 069207