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Nibe Relay Card Part no. 518382 - Refurbished & Tested

950 SEK

Quantity in stock: 1
Manufacturer SKU: 518382

This original Nibe Relay Card is a used but well-maintained and tested replacement part for your Nibe heat pump or air conditioner. It's been refurbished to ensure optimal performance and compatibility.

Key Features:

  • Genuine Nibe Part: Ensures precise fit and function.
  • Refurbished and Tested: Provides reliable performance.
  • Compatible with Nibe model:

Evc-240 13,5kw Cu 089225
Evc-240 13,5kw Cu 089310
Evc-240 13,5kw Cu 089590
Evp-230 089832
Evp-270 069016
Fighter 301 6/10.3/13kw 089629
Fighter 310 13.5kw Cu 089059
Fighter 310 9kw Cu 089070
Fighter 310p 13.5kw Cu 089353
Fighter 310p 9kw Cu 089350
Fighter 310p 9kw Cu 089530
Fighter 401 6/10.3/13kw 089623
Fighter 410p 9kw Cu 089131
Fighter 410p 9kw Cu 089380
Fighter 410p 9kw Cu 089580

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Please Note:

  • This pre-owned item might show some signs of scratches, marks or discolouration.
  • Additional parts may be required for a complete repair.

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