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Expansion Vessel Reflex C 12

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Manufacturer SKU: 8280100

Manufacturer SKU: 8280100

Type: C 12

Colour: grey

Diaphragm material: butyl

Nominal volume: 12 l

Max. useful volume: 10 l

Max. permissible system temperature: 120 °C

Min. perm. operating temperature : -10 °C

Max. perm. operating temperature: 70 °C

Max. perm. operating pressure: 3 bar

Factory provided gas supply pressure: 1 bar

Connection: G 1/2"

Diameter: 354 mm

Height: 370 mm

Depth: 182 mm

Projection water connection: 64 mm

Tilt dimension approx.: 512 mm

Weight: 3.60 kg

The product is used but is in good condition. We’ve personally refurbished and tested the product.